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08 May / 2012
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Cabling Tools:

Wire stripping tool: When one is working on installing or changing network cables, they usually find that they need to strip the top insulating plastic portion of the network cables (for a short length) in order to fix  them on patch panels, patch cords, I/O boxes and Keystone jacks.

A wire stripping tool is very helpful in these circumstances because it can remove the top layer of the network cable precisely for the required length, without disturbing the individual copper cable pairs beneath them. One just needs to mark the area in the cable and rotate the wire stripping tool in order to remove the top layer easily and perfectly.

Punch-down Tool: After stripping the wire, individual copper strands of the network equipment cable needs to be carefully installed individually on keystone jacks/ patch panel jacks to complete the connection. Often the copper strands are cut slightly longer. So its required to cut off the extra portion of the individual copper strands and fix it permanently to these jacks. A Punch-down tool is used for this purpose.

Crimping Tool: Once the outer plastic insulation in the network cable is stripped using the stripping tool, individual copper strands can be placed carefully inside a network plug and crimped to their permanent positions using a crimping tool. This is used to create the male portion of the RJ-45 plug that connects to the either end of a Cat 5/ Cat6 cable. The cables are loosely placed in their position in the RJ-45 plug and the assembly is inserted into a crimping tool and pressed hard in order to make a permanent connection.


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